About Irish Setters

The Irish Setter, also known as Red Setter, is considered by many to be the most beautiful breed of dog. With long flowing red coats, they are elegant and graceful in stature and motion. Their faces are softly expressive and match their playful personality.

The Irish Setter was bred to be a tireless and enthusiastic hunter, and it approaches everything in life with a rollicking, good-natured attitude, full of gusto and fervor. They are extremely friendly dogs and usually get along with everyone and everything.

The Iris Setter’s coat, with its rich, mahogany colouring, is one of the most beautiful features of the breed.  Grooming is surprisingly easy, although they do need brushing every two or three days and some clipping around the feet, behind the ears and the front of neck to keep them looking in tip-top condition.

Irish Setters are slow maturers, both mentally and physically, so prospective owners need to be aware that they will have a ‘puppy’ on their hands for quite a while, who will need early obedience training to channel his activities in the right direction.  The breed is highly intelligent and quick to learn with firm, kind handling.

Irish Setters are ‘people’ dogs and their reputation as good family pets is justly deserved.  Being so people and family orientated, these dogs crave companionship and do not like to be left alone.  If confined to a kennel life or deprived of company, they can become bored and destructive. However, given enough human interaction and a daily outlet for their energy, they make pleasant companions who never seize to amuse with their ‘irish humour’!



Irish Setter Love…

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